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Our Unique Offering

Brand Development

You know when you see a photo or read a line of copy, and you instantly know what brand it is? That’s what we do. At our core, we build — and rebuild — brands that look, feel, sound unlike anything else in the space. We establish brand positioning, a cohesive communication strategy, and hone in on your target audience to develop a brand that’s 100% uniquely yours… even in the most saturated spaces.

Branding & Packaging Design

Not to brag or anything, but we know how to make packaging that’s both memorable and functional. We create the packaging you buy for the culture, for the unboxing and to treasure as a keepsake. We take your brand vision and translate it in to your logos, brandmarks, and visual identity, whether it’s seen in-store, on a subway ad, on social, in a newsletter and beyond.

Social Media Strategy

We speak social; it’s practically our first language. As products of the internet, we know first-hand what goes into growing an audience, cultivating a community and creating a thoughtful social strategy that is far more complex than posting 1x a day with a quirky caption. We focus on multi-channel strategies, content calendar planning, community management and channeling brand values and voice into every. Single. Post.

Content Production by Maison Métier

Strategy is only half the battle; the real magic is bringing it to life. Meet: Maison Métier, our in-house content studio, that literally does it all from start to finish: Creative and art direction, stopmotion videos, illustrations, photo and video production, location scouting, styling, post-production, video editing, photo retouching, and more.

Special Projects (Partnerships, Programs & Casting)

We believe in building brand ethos, equity, and affinity by aligning our clients with a network of other like-minded brands. For us, it’s less about one-off fleeting moments in time; it’s more about creating long-lasting relationships, meaningful collaborations, and brand-right partnerships that grow your community and expand your reach. We are experts in product launches, talent casting and buying, program development and campaign management, PR mailers, and more.

Experiential & Events

When it comes to experiential and events, we’re in it for the long haul. That means less flashy, for-the-’gram events and more high-level experiences with a 360-degree plan for how they live over time. We’re all about the online-to-offline loop, so we ideate events that are truly unforgettable and always on brand. As dreamers ourselves, we know how to create moments that resonate and create a ripple effect that last longer than just one night.