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Métier Creative worked with dogs, bunnies, (yes you read that right) and face masks to bring a more approachable communication strategy to a younger audience.

Everything We Did
  • Social Media & Editorial Strategy
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Digital Content Production & Post Production

In 2018, Bliss underwent an exciting evolution. They opened up their product line to mass retailers at a price point more affordable than ever before, refreshed their packaging, all while bringing their cruelty-free mission to the forefront of their brand. To reinforce this refresh digitally, Métier Creative worked to streamline Bliss’ communication strategy, brand positioning, editorial strategy and provided a framework for the brand to build their online presence. The idea? Emphasizing their brand message of #ThisIsBliss and leaning into the notion of social becoming a place to escape from the everyday mundane into a place of pure happiness. Think: Mesmerizing texture shots, furry animals, ASMR-esque content, dreamy destinations and eats that’ll make any follower get lost in their page. After developing a strong editorial plan of action, we turned our focus to capturing whimsical and Blissful content that evoked the essence of the brand, focused on key product launches, highlighted ingredient stories and brought the new vibe to life. As per usual, our in-house creative team, Maison Métier, made magic — even with some unlikely models (read: bunnies, puppies and more!)