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Meaningful Beauty

Playing Get Ready With Me Cindy Crawford-style with Meaningful Beauty


What’s more iconic than Cindy Crawford?
Answer: Nothing!

Approached by Cindy Crawford’s team  to refresh her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, Métier Creative produced a range of assets featuring the legendary supermodel, breathing new life into her traditional, commercial assets photography.  

Gone are the days of shooting products in a lifeless still-life studio; we’re all about shooting them where and how you actually use them. Inspired by the content standardized within the modern beauty-expert community, we produced a foundational slate of social-first photography and motion assets — including a full “Get Ready’ and ‘Get (Un)Ready With Me’ brand videos starring Cindy herself — that captured Meaningful Beauty at use in the real world.

Everything We Did
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Content Production