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Pioneering a new solution in the personal care space with the revolutionary Megababe



When Métier Creative’s long-time Friend of the House Katie Sturino, founder of size-inclusive platform The 12ish Style, approached us to bring her line of new personal care products to market, we translated her bold and inimitable personality into a visual identity inspired by the “come-as-you-are” spirit of the 1970s disco era. 

To launch Bust Dust and Thigh Rescue, Megababe’s answer to the never-before-discussed chafing and sweating that women deal with daily, we designed the original logo and packaging direction for the direct-to-consumer brand. Creating a cohesive color palette and set of visual cues that quickly became the brand’s signature, we developed a visual language strong enough to carry the brand into the mass market: find Megababe at Targets, Nordstroms and Ulta Stores nationwide.

Everything We Did
  • Brand & Visual Identity
  • Creative Direction