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Out of Office

Worn (and ‘grammed) by notable influencers like Eva Chen and Geri Hirsch, Métier created a clothing item perfect for any occasion.

Everything We Did
  • Brand Communication Strategy
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Digital Content Production & Post Production
  • Influencer Seeding
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Identity


Solving the age-old dilemma of “I have nothing to wear,” Métier Creative ideated, designed, and produced Out of Office: A line of dresses that fall nothing short of absolute comfort. Developed as a small project to share with the people that inspire us (those we know — and those we have yet to have the pleasure of knowing), Out of Office is meant to evoke the feeling of finally arriving at your vacation destination.

For the Out of Office launch, Métier’s art team created a cohesive, stand-out visual identity that balances the lines of relaxation, sophistication, and nostalgia. Inspired by the belief that comfort is the ultimate luxury, our love for daydreaming, and the distinct feeling of being Out of Office, our visuals transport viewers to a state of relaxation, no matter where they are. With that in mind, we created playful packaging that both educates recipients on the product and brand, while creating a picture-perfect moment for Instagram.

And, to make sure we had a strong identity on social as new visitors came to our IG page, we developed a brand communication strategy seen across everything from our captions, to our brand marks, to custom content (created in-house, inclusive of post production and creative and art direction). The result? A passion project-turned-viable brand with possible extensions beyond clothing.