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Introducing Affordable Skincare For All with Versed

To support the launch of Versed, the clean beauty brand developed by a team of beauty industry insiders and the team behind WhoWhatWear, Métier Creative created a comprehensive Go-To Market campaign and Social Expression Playbook for the brand. Rooted in education, Versed entered the market with a clear mission: clean and democratic skincare for all. To create an impactful and disruptive launch campaign, we rooted our strategy in Versed’s “accessible for all” brand value, creating a 360 degree rollout that built mystery and excitement leading up to the product drop in Target stores nationwide. Our “_______ for all” teaser campaign pinpointed Versed as a leader in the clean beauty space, and the campaign received incredible support from influencers and real-world consumers alike.

Our messaging was so universal that it lived on post-launch, laying the foundation for future content. Combined with the impactful visual language and cues (inclusive of custom-designed educational assets) developed in our Social Expression Playbook, Versed continues to successfully demystify and educate on clean beauty till today. The result: After just four short months, @Versed is established as the destination-to-follow for 25k+ highly qualified followers, celebrating and educating on all things clean skincare.

Everything We Did
  • Social Media Playbook
  • Teaser Campaign
  • Go-To Market Campaign
  • Campaign Design Direction