Maison Mentors

Introducing Maison Mentors, a new mentorship program giving participants insider knowledge into the creative spaces of fashion, beauty and lifestyle – brought to you by the teams behind Métier Creative and SIDIA.

No experience required; this is a program for new founders, big thinkers and anyone with a desire to work in the creative and design fields. Let’s uncover your path together.

The Program

As a united house, collaborating with early phase entrepreneurs and young creatives has long been a part of Métier’s and SIDIA’s DNAs. Co-founder Erin Kleinberg with her foundational open door-policy has fostered a culture that welcomes anyone with questions and ideas. Now, we’re bringing together some of the industry’s best to build and support a community of big thinkers and even bigger dreamers.

Maison Mentors is your homebase to learn, or even create, something new. Connect with exceptional mentors who are innovators in their craft and excited to share their valuable insights and experiences to help you grow. Together, we’ll explore a range of topics for bringing brands to life:

  • Finding inspiration and telling your stories

  • Uncovering a brand strategy

  • Honing in on design skills

  • Creative execution in all forms

  • Building valuable relationships and pitching your ideas

  • Managing product development

  • Building community and fostering organic growth

  • Becoming an inspirational leader and communicating your vision to the world

Experience Maison Mentors at your own pace, with meet-ups customized to build the most impactful outcomes. You’ll have access to 1:1 conversations and industry events that illuminate innovative landscapes and entrepreneurial fields.

We are now accepting applicants until October 24, 2022 with limited space available*

Get your application in early to be considered for this round of mentees.

Our Mentors

Erin Kleinberg

Erin Kleinberg

Founder & CEO
Founder of SIDIA and CEO and owner of award-winning advertising and branding agency Métier Creative, Erin Kleinberg is a creative force and serial entrepreneur, having lived past lives as a co-founder of Coveteur and creator of her eponymous clothing label.
Nicole Birman

Nicole Birman

Managing Director
Leading Métier Creative through its 7-year run alongside the agency’s co-founders with 12+ years of experience in client services, creative and operations.
Michelle Varkonyi

Michelle Varkonyi

Director of Client Services
A multidisciplinary client relations specialist overseeing all accounts at Métier, who acts as your day-to-day business partner through key milestones and workflow.
Jasmine Motala

Jasmine Motala

Associate Director of Strategy
A strategic planner whose 7+ year passion for research, branding, advertising and how powerful culture can be when understood and leveraged by brands has led to award winning work.
Natalie Mathers

Natalie Mathers

Head of Art
An Art Director and Creative Director with 12+ years experience in creative storytelling across multiple brand categories and channels.
Alex Stern

Alex Stern

Head of Brand, SIDIA
Having played a foundational role in building SIDIA from the ground up, Alex is an expert in all parts of the business, from product development and marketing to sales and day-to-day business management.
Jane Espiritu

Jane Espiritu

Associate Creative Director
A designer and creative director with 8+ years of experience in branding, photography, visual communication and design across creative industries based in Toronto, NYC, Miami and LA.