Go-To-Market Campaign Strategy & Creative Development, Communications Planning, Celebrity Partnerships

The Situation

With massive growth targets, Flow needed to make a SPLASH; speaking to mass new consumers and overcoming a fundamental challenge surrounding product education and why they are the better choice.

Our Task

Develop a campaign leveraging celebrities (Shawn Mendes, Paloma Elsesser, Halle Berry, Hannah Bronfman, Russell Westbrook, Taboo Nawasha) to amplify -- as widely and loudly as possible -- why the water we drink matters, and why we should choose Flow.

What We Did

Created a campaign platform based on the insight that we all have one thing in common-we’re 60% water. Tapping into themes of wellness, positivity and sustainability, we showed people that beautiful starts from the inside out. That’s why the water we drink matters. From conception to liaising with celebrities and overseeing production, Métier was an ongoing partner to Flow beginning to end.


Showing the world why the water we drink matters for Flow’s biggest campaign yet

More Info
Taboo Nawasha, Paloma Elsesser, Halle Berry, Shawn Mendes, Hannah Bronfman and Russel Westbrook posted holding Flow water
Halle Berry posed on a director chair holding a bottle of Flow water
Shawn Mendes posed holding a bottle of Flow water
Hannah Bronfman posed holding a bottle of Flow water