Campaign Strategy & Creative Development, Packaging Design for Influencer Mailer

The Situation

La Mer needed help reaching and resonating with the masses in a way that more strongly supported their brand ethos, and product; “The Concentrate”.

Our Task

Build hype and reach a wide demo by uncovering a big idea that would balance both gram-worthy content and sustainability messaging.

What We Did

Played off the idea that “The Concentrate” was a luxurious "can-heal-everything" solution, by creating an elevated “LaMergencie Kit” complete with staples like: silky gauze, La Mer-branded band-aids, and rose-gold scissors. To ensure we upheld the sustainability ethos, we hand-picked all accoutrements to be household top shelf necessities, and not trashed throwaways.


Designing A LaMergencie Kit For La Mer

More Info
An opened A LaMergencie Kit holding La Mer products
A green mailer card explaining the LaMergencie Kit
A close up of the buckle on the LaMergencie Kit box
A display of all the items included in LaMergencie Kit