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As a best kept secret for salon-quality style, Oribe was still relatively unknown amongst the new generation of hair care enthusiasts. Building on a desire to share its incredible stories with the world, it was time for this legacy hair care brand to go back to its roots to reimagine itself and grow a new community of Oribe obsessed fans.


Introduce the iconic brand to new, younger audiences as a disruptive storyteller with an obsession for beauty in all of its forms, while maintaining a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation and top-of-the-line formulation.


Found the intersection between art + fashion and hair + body to uncover a platform built around a shared obsession with beauty: Oribe’s Open Beauty Publication. Staying true to the heritage of the brand’s first creative visionary, Oribe Canales, we reignited a collaborative & editorial storytelling approach to bring the Oribe Obsessed community into the brand’s future.


Strengthening Roots with a Legacy Hair Care Brand

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Blonde girl getting her hair touched up by two people An array of Oribe products sprawled across a surface
A variety of different hair brushed leaned against a wall Girl with long blonde hair posed smiling and holding three Oribe soap bars above her head
An assortment of Oribe products, jewelry and accessories organized on a countertop
Girl with long white dress crouched down holding a black Oribe shampoo Two red coloured Oribe products behind steamy glass
Girl with black hair styled and gelled across her face in a wavy pattern
Two Oribe products set on a pile of decorative books An Oribe soap bar in a wavy bowl
Oribe texturing spray set next to a hand-held mirror and hair brush Girl wearing a yellow blazer holding the Oribe Alchemy Shampoo bottle
A hand holding a clear pouch with Oribe's Hair Alchemy shampoo and conditioner bottles A variety of Oribe products on a surface next to fashion accessories and decor pieces
Oribe products stacked on a decorative ladder Hand lighting an Oribe incense set on a pile of books on an orange couch