Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Go-To-Market Campaigns, Content Production, Partnerships & Programming

The Situation

Led by intuitive brand builder and founder Erin Kleinberg, SIDIA was born to free us from restrictive thinking with creations that enrich everyday moments with self. Building on the legacy of the family matriarch and strengthened by Erin’s inherent knowledge of what women want in the home and beauty spaces, 2022 was the year to start cementing the brand’s position in fragrance & body care.

Our Task

Working in partnership with SIDIA, we needed to initiate a movement into beauty with go-to-market campaigns for the Hand & Body Care Systems and refine the brand’s strategy, visual identity and packaging design.

What We Did

Expanding on the truth that people (especially women) are often expected to extend their care to the world, but tend to feel guilty turning it back on themselves, we set out to redefine what “self care” means. By designing a sensorial direction imbued with story and soul, we moved intentionally to invoke the timeless feeling of coming home to yourself and rediscovering your comfort and freedom, with an identity, products and assets that made waves in new categories.


Forging a New Way Home with SIDIA

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Squeezing a dollop of Sidia's The Hand Serum on the back of a hand
Sidia's The Hand Exfoliant and The Hand Serum displayed next to green caps
SIDIA soap covered hands Sidia's The Hand Exfoliant and The Hand Serum displayed mid-air
Sidia candles in the scent Wired and Braless displayed with a burnt out match
Sidia candle in the scent Wired with a flower in the foreground