Brand & Social Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging & Product Design, Website Development, Go-To-Market Campaigns, Content Production, Partnerships, Ambassador Programming & Activations

The Situation

With Métier constantly building brands with other founders, our co-founder, Erin, wanted to build a brand of our own. Inspired by the legacy of the family matriarch, Métier ideated, designed, and launched SIDIA: a lifestyle brand making objects imbued with made-to-last, multi-generational intention.

What We're Doing

Made luxurious by the power of timeless design, SIDIA’s universally-loved collection of can’t-live-without pieces inspire seamless everyday living. Everything from brand & visual identity, product development, ongoing social, partnership and campaign programming, and to delivering products, is proudly led by the team at Métier.


Launching The Beauty-Lifestyle Brand That’s Celebrating Story and Feeling

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