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The Situation

For the brand inspired by the legacy of the family matriarch, venturing further into lifestyle and beauty was always in the cards. SIDIA was ready to take a leap into fragrance and personal care and needed to communicate this shift while carrying its foundation of multi-generational intent and seamless living into a new category.

Our Task

Initiate a movement into beauty starting with the Hand Care System, and attract new fans to the SIDIA lifestyle, where coming home to yourself invokes immersive ease through scents, textures and experiences.

What We Did

Developed a campaign that put the spotlight on hands. Bringing an under-loved selfcare moment into the body care conversation by giving our hands the luxury they deserve to rejuvenate, shine and Feel It.


Coming Home to Beauty with SIDIA

More Info
Squeezing a dollop of Sidia's The Hand Serum on the back of a hand
Sidia's The Hand Exfoliant and The Hand Serum displayed next to green caps
SIDIA soap covered hands Sidia's The Hand Exfoliant and The Hand Serum displayed mid-air
Sidia candles in the scent Wired and Braless displayed with a burnt out match
Sidia candle in the scent Wired with a flower in the foreground